​​​​"Your Total Logistics Manager"

Our Vision

Our aim is to be the center of excellence in freight-forwarding, logistics and maritime Agency services.

 At Freight Consult LTD we are a team of industry professionals offering unparalleled expertise in developing highly innovative products from the logistics trends of the future. Enpowered by our commitment towards service quality, reliability and cost-effective solutions adapted to meet the changing needs of our customers. Guided by our core values of Excellence, Integrity and Responsibility we promote synergy in the pursuit of sustainable growth and development. We continually strive to expand our global service portfolio and at the same time maintain our high standards in customer service and dedication to our daily work, hence we endeavor to become a global market leader in the maritime service, logistics and marine agency industries by providing greater connectivity to global growth markets through our solid network of partners and strategic alliances.

In 2006, Freight Consult LTD was founded to provide comprehensive, cost-effective freight-forwarding, logistics and maritime services that support organizations in their diverse and ever-changing shipping needs.

Freight Consult LTD is unparalleled in the maritime and logistics industry, which focuses on optimal quality service, delivery and exceptional customer service that provides maximum satisfaction for all your freight forwarding, maritime and logistics need. Throughout our history, we have focused on creating new value in the Maritime and Logistics industries. Our core competencies, Marine Agencies, Local Transportation Solutions and Freight Forwarding Services were built by successfully integrating some of the industry’s best resources and competencies into a cohesive global entity.

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Freight Consult LTD is a fully registered member of:

  • Ghana National Petroleum Commission (G.N.P.C)
  • Ghana Customs Exercise and preventive Services  (C.E.P.S)
  • Ghana Port and Harbor Authority (G.P.H.A)
  • Value Added Tax Service (V.A.T)

We are a fully accredited Customs House Agent at all major Air and Sea ports, as well as all road border posts in the sub-regions of West Africa. With our global widespread network partners, our customers are assured of the highest standards in service-delivery for all their logistical needs.