​​​​"Your Total Logistics Manager"

Customs Brokerage:

  1. Custom Clearance Facilities 
  2. Full Documentary assistance 
  3. Ship spare clearance and delivery
  4. Duty Management
  5. Fast Customs Release and Delivery Service

Services We Offer

International Air Freight Forwarding:

  1. Consolidation Cargo Handling
  2. Import & Export Custom Clearance
  3. Terminal Service
  4. Transportation / Trucking
  5. Project Cargo Handling
  6. Door to Door Service
  7. Packing & Moving
  8. Cargo Insurance
  9. Warehousing / storage yard service

International Sea Freight Forwarding:

  1. Import & Export FCL Container and RoRo Handling
  2. Import & Export LCL Cargo Handling
  3. Consolidated Container Handling
  4. Import & Export Custom Clearance
  5. Terminal Service
  6. Transportation / Trucking
  7. Project Cargo Handling
  8. Door to Door Service
  9. Packing & Moving
  10. Cargo Insurance
  11. Warehousing
  12. Bulk Cargo Handling​


The company over the years has demonstrated know-how in the global freight forwarding (Air & Sea) and other maritime Agency services at the most competitive rates and can expeditiously apply and get approval for Imports and export permits or certificates whenever it is required.

We are one of the few privileged forwarders who can undertake break-bulk and de-grouping transactions and also protecting collect charges globally. We have road freight, customs bonds in place.